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Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC
Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC
Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC
Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC
Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC
Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC

Texas Wrongful Death Lawyers

Everything you Want to know about Texas wrongful death Legislation, all in one Location:

Everybody understands that if someone deliberately murders a loved one, the police will arrest that person and lawyers who work for the State of Texas will prosecute the murderer to the fullest extent of the law.

However, what happens when a loved one is murdered by accident or through carelessness, rather than through a willful murder? The response to this question is located at the Texas Wrongful Death Act. Frankly, most lawyers are hesitant to provide advice to grieving family members about wrongful death law. Instead, they take a paternalistic approach, wherein they impliedly say, “I know what I am doing, just trust me” while effectively maintaining their customers in the dark.

We believe that’s the wrong approach to practice law and also a customer has the right to know how their case is being treated and why. On that note, we have prepared the following material to completely clarify the ins-and-outs of Texas wrongful death law so You can:

Understand your rights,
understand how to file a wrongful death claim, and
understand what juries typically award-winning families.
Beyond the information mentioned below, our lawyers possess an abundance of knowledge on the topic of wrongful death law, having litigated countless fatal accident cases. But more importantly, we’ve been able before. Several of our lawyers and staff have lost loved ones due to the carelessness of others, so we make it our mission to not just help our clients win their case, but to deal with them with compassion and respect. A big portion of that objective is being there for your customers when they want you. As such, if you have any questions, about your particular situation, phone us. We are here to help.

Getting Started

It is helpful to understand all of the legal terminology we’ll use on this site. Here a few key words, phrases, and terms of art used at the topic wrongful death legislation:

Decedent: The person who died in the accident
Defendant: The person/party being named in the litigation who allegedly caused the decedent’s death through his or her neglect. A lawsuit can have multiple defendants, or just one. More specifically, it’s described as breaching a duty owed to somebody else.
Duty: The responsibility someone has to act reasonably and safely, and to not cause harm. E.g., a doctor has an obligation to look after their patients and motorists have a duty to drive the speed limit.
Claim: A suit, essentially. If you have a claim, you have a right to a lawsuit.
Compensation: The money paid to you in a wrongful death lawsuit, depending on how great your damages are.
Damages: Represents the losses suffered in a wrongful death. “Damages” describes what you can sue for by legislation, and may be physical injuries, lost wages, mental anguish, etc..
Texas Wrongful Death Act: The legislation, drafted by our nation’s lawmakers from the early days of Texas, which creates a particular right for the family to sue when a relative is killed. The legislation allows the family members to sue for certain damages if their loved one is murdered due to someone’s negligence.
Wrongful Death Claim: The claim that Texas law allows specific household members, statutory beneficiaries, to document for their damages due to shedding their loved ones.
Survival Claim: The decedent’s claim that they would have filed, save to their death, is taken over by the personal representative of their property — often times a family member.
Personal Representative of the decedent’s estate: The agent of the estate is the person who manages the financial affairs of the decedent. Who has to be the personal representative of the estate? The PR of this estate is either specifically named in the decedent’s will or a relative will request the court and ask to function as PR. The PR of this estate is tasked with pursuing the survival case.
Furthermore, our Frequently Asked Questions page is very helpful in addressing common concerns that our readers possess.

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